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Safer buildings and more effective emergency plans.

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They are safer now.

Finnigan & Walsh Ltd.

"I will highlight the professionalism and efficiency of The Emergency Planning Society. They quickly assessed all our emergency planning and upgraded it, pointing out flaws that we didn’t know we had and could have costed us dear."

St. Francis College

"We knew that protecting our children was a high level priority. I am confident now on your emergency structure thanks to the advice of The Emergency Planning Society. They have taught both our staff and our students the basics of escape plans and emergency behaviour. These people know what they do."

Dorothy Anne Lawrence

"Investing in safety should always be a priority. I am so happy that we did it. The Emergency Planning Society has changed the functioning of our whole building. Everything is in place now. They have been so kind and attentive."

Tailored emergency planning for all needs

Safety is first, wherever you are, whoever you are. When your house or building catches fire, it is too late to regret not to have procured what was necesary to prevent this situation or at least manage it properly. Every year, important lives, valuable objects, and thousands of pounds in damage are lost due to fire and related events. Most of them could have been saved by proper management of the situation.

Safety planning is a must, and you can’t overlook it. Don’t spare resources on this, the price of such decision could be extremely high. 

We offer tailored emergency planning services for private homes, public buildings and company quarters. We are a team of over 30 specialists in emergency planning and risk management, incluiding veteran firemen and architects specialised in building safety. You can be confident that you emergency planning is in good hands. We provide the widest range of services in Northern Ireland. As we know that not a single aspect of building safety should be left aside, we offer different packages at affordable prices for our clients. The more services you hire, the less you pay.

We assess every building to provide the best services according to our clients’ needs.

We know that different settings require different planning schemes. We offer a complete structural and strategical assessment of your buildings and houses. From the material of the walls to the closeness to a water source, we will cover every detail of relevance and provide a complete report on the current situation of the building. Based on such report, we will design an emergency plan that will ensure your safety in any possible situation. We will identify the risk factors and advice you on how to reduce such risks. Our services include:


Complete assessment on your current situation. Structural analysis, functional analysis, present and missing basic elements of protection, global and sectorized level of risk. Complete feedback through an extensive report in which you will clearly see the strong and wak points of your structure and how to fix the later. Safety products to equip your rooms and halls. Alarms, fire extinguishers, hoses and sand buckets, all of them certified for safety purposes. Instalation of fire alarm and fire detector systems. We also install intercommunication emergency systems and other kinds of building networks.
Staff training for safety behavior in emergency situations. We inform your employees about the safety plans and how they should proceed in case a fire happens.  Simulacrum performances to train employees, students and family members in what they must do in an emergency. Theorical and practical lessons suited for all ages. Emergency techniques training. First aid, CPR and provisory wound treatment, instructions and practice on proper use of fire extinguishers, hoses and other safety elements. Conduction of awareness campaigns on safety and emergencies. We offer to teach special classes in schools and encourage kids to learn more about safety. 


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