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They are safer now.

Finnigan & Walsh Ltd.

"I will highlight the professionalism and efficiency of The Emergency Planning Society. They quickly assessed all our emergency planning and upgraded it, pointing out flaws that we didn’t know we had and could have costed us dear."

St. Francis College

"We knew that protecting our children was a high level priority. I am confident now on your emergency structure thanks to the advice of The Emergency Planning Society. They have taught both our staff and our students the basics of escape plans and emergency behaviour. These people know what they do."

Dorothy Anne Lawrence

"Investing in safety should always be a priority. I am so happy that we did it. The Emergency Planning Society has changed the functioning of our whole building. Everything is in place now. They have been so kind and attentive."

What Happens when Disaster Strikes

You probably learnt some tips on how to be ready for any disaster in your school — but does that really mean you are ready for any kind of disaster? Here are some of the strategies for emergency preparedness you need to follow.

Always Be Ready

In case of disaster, such as fire, tornadoes or hurricanes, or disasters caused by humans e.g. terrorism, the lives of people change for the worse. The best way to prevent this is by being ready for disaster; you need to have a strategy and know what steps you should take in order to be ready for disaster.

Does your family have the basics for emergency preparedness?

Learn the Routes for Evacuation

You can get this information from your home officials, so that you can know if you need to evacuate your area.

Have an Emergency Plan for Your Family

You should discuss with your family the possible emergencies that can happen where you live. Discuss how your family should respond under such circumstances. The Central Agency for Emergency Management has the tools you need to prepare your emergency strategy.

Prepare Emergency Tools

You can put duplicate versions of your vital documents like photo ID, birth certificate, medical cards, spare keys, extra cash and checks, crucial phone numbers, extra medicine, 3-day water supply, food that is non-perishable, matches, blankets, extra clothing and a flashlight in your bag.

Always Fill Your Gas Container

You may need to use your vehicle during evacuation. For this reason, it is important that you make sure your gas container never goes below half.

7 Disasters Along With Their Strategies

Here are the specific tips for emergency preparedness for these specific kinds of disasters:


"Drop, take shelter, and hang in there." This basically means that you should lie on the floor, ensure you are covered, perhaps under a table or desk, and tightly hold on to it till the earthquake ceases. After the quake ceases, you should listen to the instructions given by local authorities and follow them. Also remember to execute the family emergency strategy.


In case there is an explosion, you need to immediately take cover, maybe under a table or desk. You should also leave the building immediately the explosion ceases, and do it fast. It is not safe to use elevators in this situation. You also need to avoid hot doors, since it could mean that there is a fire behind that door.

Evacuation In Case of Fire

You need to have a family strategy on how to evacuate in case of fire. You also need to have many routes for exit in every room of your house. For people living in multi-level houses, ensure you have escape ladders on the upper floors of your house. You also must leave as fast as you can the moment a fire starts. Avoid risking your life in the name of trying to make a telephone call or salvaging your important items.


Be keen on radio and TV announcements in order to know where there are floods. If it is announced that it may flood where you are, and there is a need for evacuation, make sure you evacuate as soon as you can. In case you receive a warning for flash floods, look for higher ground that very moment.


People living in the coast should have emergency strategies for hurricane attacks. They need to cover their houses with safety outdoor objects and windows. It is important to be keen on TV and radio announcements to be aware in case there may be a hurricane. It is also important that people are prepared if they need to evacuate. In addition, all propane tanks and utilities should be switched off before evacuation.

Terrorist Attack

To find out how the local authorities instruct you to respond in case of terrorism, listening to TV and radio announcements. In case you are already under attack, exit as soon as possible and call your local authorities for instructions. You can contact the CPS justice system for more information on how to prepare for such disasters.


These attacks can take place anywhere, so everyone needs to have a plan. In case of a tornado you should take cover in the most remote part of your house, storm cellar or in your basement. You should avoid exterior walls, doors and windows. In case the tornado finds you outside, in a place with no shelter, you need to get into a ditch or low place and lie down there, flat.

It is very important that you come up with disaster strategies for your family, and also practice them. This way, you can increase the possibility of coming out safe.